A midweek Bimble

With the weather forecast crap for the foreseeable future I decided to go on a little bimble this afternoon. Up through Wyre Forest then a quick stop on Clee Hill

Next it was off to Shobden Airport via Lentwerdine. The road to Mortimers Cross is well sh1t in places due to poor maintenance and heavy use from lorries and other traffic avoiding the A49 so good job I was on the Tractor.

A bit windy sat outside but bike gear kept me nice and warm though the Americano I got wasn’t the best (no hot milk here, just help yourself to cold stuff, which was about the same temperature as the welcome and no brown sugar just white in those tipper things!) No snicker bars either and the only cake left looked unappealing which would explain why there was so much left. Quite a bit of traffic about but most were getting a shift on and where they weren’t there were enough overtaking opportunities to maintain momentum.


I love Shobdon - ALMOST went this afternoon as I finished work early today. But in the end laziness and the need to do other jobs won out :rofl:. Shame about the welcome, I always find it friendly there - maybe a bad day was being had??

You are also most definitely not wrong about the road to Mortimer’s Cross, it was the first section of road that really made me decide to get the suspension set up professionally on the Street Triple!!


What a shite outing… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I supose you’re going to say it would have been better on a Triumph :rofl::rofl:

When I got there she was out in the kitchen area and it sounded like she was washing up! It took a couple of minutes before she appeared and it was like it was too much trouble to serve me. I was polite so don’t know why she had a mood going with me because she was quite chatty to a couple of regulars who came in after me. I asked for a white Americano as I like my tea Yorkshire strong so thought coffee would be a safer option. There was no help with the milk or sugar, I had to find that myself. Maybe she hates GS’ :rofl:. Yep that road needs some TLC, my old wrists and bum wouldn’t fair well on a sportsbike these days on surfaces like that…

Pfff… obviously… :joy::see_no_evil:

Well if you’d ever met Ade you would understand why he would not be welcome. :rofl:

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Thanks for that… :face_with_peeking_eye:


The other forum member from Kidderminster had a BRILLIANT day out to Barmouth. Quiet roads, blue skies, excellent greasy breakfast at Tuffins, Churchstoke. Great pot of tea at the far end of the promenade and an amazing run home with great overtakes. Sorry Ade!