A new member of the family

Today we heard the patter of tiny(ish) wheels and welcomed our newest garage resident, a Ducati SuperSport S. This one isn’t mine, as you can probably tell.

We also said a sad farewell to the 848 Streetfighter.


Very smart indeed! Happy new bike day!

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Yes happy new bike. That girl like’s Italians :slightly_smiling_face:

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As long as it’s just the bikes. :slight_smile: She’s well in with the Ducatisti these days.

I’ve always thought the Ducati Supersport is one very nice sports tourer. Far more accommodating than a Panigale but still great looking.


Yes, I agree. I tried the Panigale and the Supersport and while the mad V4 is a brilliant machine, it’s too focussed for general running about for me.

I was about to get a Supersport myself a couple of years ago when I stumbled across an advert in Bike for the Superveloce, and the rest is history.

Very red and very nice :+1:

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Someone is going to have a lot of fun on that, just can’t be sure who….!

Very nice!!!

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