A short camping trip to Wales

Helmut is away at the moment so I decided to go on the Street Triple for a three day trip to Wales on my rest days from work.

I cheated and stayed in a pod at The Bikers Campsite https://www.bikerscampsite.co.uk rather than pack my tent. It was lovely - you take your own sleeping bag but otherwise you have a bed, kettle and space to hang your kit. It’s also nice to have a door your can lock although the site does seem a very safe one (it was my second visit). There’s a drying room for wet kit there too which is handy.

Day one:
I travelled via lake Vrynwy and then along the coast from Aberystwyth. It was a bit on the breezy side, but stayed nice and dry which was a bonus.

Day two:
The second day started off very rainy, but cleared up by late morning. I rode in the rain over the mountains to Llandovery where I stopped at the Owl’s Nest for breakfast. I then rode some stunning roads to reach the start of the Abergwesyn Pass, because I was on a quest to go and see Wales’ most remote phone box. The scenery on the Pass is absolutely gorgeous; it has to be ridden slowly as the road is very narrow with a drop off to the left in some places and the surface can be a bit gravelly too - but that doesn’t matter at all as it gives you time to just take it all in. The pass also incorporates the Devil’s Staircase which has hairpins on a 25% incline - again the road surface is a bit iffy on these, but my little Street Triple stayed faithful and sure - footed for me :heart_eyes:. Shortly after the very steep descent the Nantymaen phone box is reached, I had to stop for a photo and got a wave from a farmer on a quad with his dog (the only other traffic I encountered!!).

I then made my way back on the coast road again, calling at Aberystwyth and Aberporth.

Day Three:
I set out fairly early today to attempt to beat the forecast rain and headed for home via Devil’s Bridge which is a lovely mountain road again, stopping at the Two Hoots Tearoom. I then went via Rhayader, Builth Wells and Talgarth. I made the correct choice with my start time as some bikers arrived at the Two Hoots after I had been there for a while who had come from the same direction as me; I had got slightly rained on but they had been drenched :grimacing: so I just about outran it!!


That looks like a brilliant wee break!


I really enjoy these quick little breaks, and this looked like a lot of fun.


Sounds like a fantastic trip. Lucky you :smile:


Ditto previous comments, looks like you had a good one :grinning:

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If you were near Lake Vyrnwy did you visit The Giant Hand Of Vyrnwy?

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No, but that’s a good photo!