A short trip to France

My brother and I went to visit my lad in the French Alps. He lives in Servoz near Chamonix. Set off from Yorkshire at the ridiculous hour of 05.00. Rode to the tunnel and the a quick blast down the motorway to Troyes. Possibly the worst rain I’ve ridden in from the M25 to just south of Reims. We did get there though and partook of a few we’ll deserved beers.

From there a fast 310 miles to Servoz. Arrived mid afternoon to temperatures of around 30 degrees. So guess what? Yup, more beers

Rode a few passes the next day.

We then went to Provence for a couple of nights. Stayed in Buis les Baronnies. Had a ride up Mont Ventoux

before going back to Servoz and a good night out at my lad’s bar where we drank beer from his brewery. “Big Mountain Brewing”

. We left the Alps last Saturday and arrived back in Yorkshire last Sunday lunchtime.


Lovely set of pictures. It looks like your trip went without problems, well except the rain. It is always good to get home without any drama.

That looks like an amazing trip; must be nice to be able to go and see your lad whenever you like now post - Covid restrictions.


Thank you for taking the time to read my post. Yes it’s lovely to be able to see him again now that we’re slowly getting more back to travelling freely again. I didn’t do too badly as I met him in Sardinia in 2021 for another (fly and rent) bike trip. My wife didn’t see him for more than a year though.

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Nice one Glenn. A great trip. And a good few miles travelled…

Awesome trip

Nice trip! I’ve yet to ride on an Alp!

Nice one but 05:00 ???
What is that time ?
I don’t know it.

Later than the time you actually get out of bed to set off at 05:00 (my son starts work at 5 and muggings here gets up to take him :yawning_face:

That is true family love :heart: