A tour down the Yorkshire coast

Despite the fact it rained all night and more rain was forecast - and a yellow warning for strong winds, I had a chance of a day out so went for it. Only two quick showers all day.

North Landing cafe for breakfast near Flamborough Head. All vehicles pay in the car park so I avoided it.

Ended up at the Castle cafe in Withernsea - popular with bikers and very friendly.

Final stop was the deserted village of Wharram Percy. Bit of a walk to get to it but very atmospheric.


That deserted medieval village looks really interesting, I love exploring places like that.


Me too, there’s another one closer to me at Old Wharlton. Just the church and the gatehouse and cellars to the old castle remain. The castle was “ruinous” in 1343 and the village was just abandoned.


I’m jealous, you’ve had sun, as I’m exactly Central in the Pennines we’ve got an abundance of water!!

Lovely and sunny again today :sunglasses:

Yep in Cheshire as well :grinning:

We’re drowning here… :rage:

Sorry boys! :slightly_smiling_face:

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The weather looks like it was gorgeous. I’d love to see there deserted village too, it looks like it would be very atmospheric.

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Yes I’ve ridden passed it many times (it’s on the way to Seaways Cafe - very popular with bikers).
Well worth the walk!