A trip to Loch Doon

With apologies to all those members confined to barracks by pouring rain today, it was quite a nice day here - dry and bright with a mixture of sunshine and cloud, so I went for a ride up to Loch Doon, where I hadn’t been for a few years. I headed straight up the A713 Castle Douglas-Ayr road, which is both scenic and lightly trafficked: an ideal combination.

A few miles north of Carsphairn, I passed a modern copy of a 16th century tower house, built about 15 years ago. The original builder had rendered it with some drab grey-brown cement porridge, but the recent new owner has painted it, which looks a lot better. Still a fake, though.

Soon after, and shortly before Dalmellington, I turned left on to the climbing twisty road which leads to Loch Doon. It offers some fine views to the north:

The road then leads on through the lovely Ness Glen before arriving at Loch Doon. While just in Ayrshire, Loch Doon is in the Galloway Forest Park, immediately to the north of the two biggest ranges of Galloway hills, the Rhins of Kells and the Merrick range.

Turning round, I headed back to the A713 and had a fast ride back to Castle Douglas, then home, passing the slopes of Bengairn:

and finishing with a fine view over Hestan Island and Auchencairn Bay, with Cumbria visible a safe distance away across the Solway.

So at least one of us had a good day out today.


I’m pleased the weather was kind to at least one of us today - breathtaking scenery as per usual @Dave49. It’s starting to look distinctly autumnal.

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Yes, we have to make the most of it before winter sets in. Why does the winter seem to last at least twice as long as summer?

Fortunately it was not Brigadoon - it might have been gone! :rofl:

There’s a few chestnut tress round here with a good amount of orange starting to appear

What a gorgeous day out and the bike looks perfect for that type of ride but if I was a sensitive soul I could be offended by your remarks towards the wondrous county of Cumbria. I admit some residents have a far too close affinity with their wool clad livestock but the rest of us are almost house trained.


Mr Slightly-Miffed

I just like to tease our neighbours occasionally. Actually I agree that Cumbria is a wondrous county, mostly.

By the way, I haven’t forgotten about making some recommendations for your future tour. I’m working on it.

Cheers Dave, as I said there is no rush cos it will be next year now :blush:

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Climbed Merrick a couple of months ago. Nice part of the world, D & G. Benyellary is a prettier peak though, reminded me of the Beacons.