A vintage classic anyone?

Thinking about getting a classic? Watch this…

:laughing: Told ya…over


Excellent! What a Sunday tonic… :rofl:


This is precisely why I ride a “modern classic”. With a warranty.

I have zero mechanical skills.

Sage advice. A certain member of my household who shall remain unnamed, but isn’t me, fawns over ever Morris Minor she, er, I mean they, see. I have pointed out that reliability may possibly crop up from time to time, and that mechancal skills will be either necessary from the start or imposed along the way. All to no heed but so far the garage is still minus a Minor.

Nostalgia just isn’t what it used to be.

I can also add to the quote:- “the handfull of admirers you attract will invariably be grizzled men over 70”.
They will also be only too glad to tell you that the bike you are riding is completely made up of all the wrong parts,
then insist on boring you to death with their tales of riding prowess on their gleaming cafe racer TriBSANorVin
and then, horror upon horror, actually have photographs of their long gone bikes on their phone.

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There you go Rachel whoops sorry I mean Saul’s stealth household member…,

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If she can rebuild it then I’ll say nothing more. :smile: