A wild (card) weekend

Well, an eventful wild card weekend, to say the least. Only the 49ers looked remotely comfortable winners. As a cheesehead it was great to see the G-men upset the Vikes, Bengals needed a defensive TD to get past the Ravens, Chargers blew a 27-0 lead, Dolphins took the Bills the distance despite being without their starting QB. Can’t wait for the Divisional Round :slightly_smiling_face:

Used to watch a lot but only the Superbowl in recent years. Entertaining and easy to follow, I never watch poofball and never got to understand all the rules of rugby.
WSBK and Motogp keeps me in front of the one eyed monster too much as it is. :slightly_smiling_face:

What’s that in English? :thinking:

Does anyone have any idea what that all means in English?


Yes, he’s referring to this:

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Ah thank you. I did think it might be referring to sport but you have shown it’s definitely not.

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If it sounds like a load of old b*llox then it probably is :rofl:

EH ???


I expect you’ll remember Stanley Unwin…deep joy :smile:


Still making more sense than this lot in power.

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This may be the most perfect interview ever.

Bet Liz Truss wishes she could have been that lucid…

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And popular…

Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake !


You just don’t seem to get talent like that nowadays.

Called all four Divisional games correctly. I’d like to see a Bengals/49ers Superbowl, but I fancy the Eagles are just too good all round for San Francisco, with Mahomes injured I can see the Bengals getting past the Chiefs, give them a shot at redemption after last year :crossed_fingers:

Nope, still none the wiser…

I think it might be rounders or whatever they call it over the pond.

I so hope Fatboyslim’s boys get stuffed at Arrowhead. That Mahomes really gets on my nerves especially his bloody girlfriend and his snotty brother. Mahommes will play even with a supposed ankle injury so he can look the hero passing to that Travis ‘diamonds in my shoes’ Kelce.
Come on you ‘Bungals’ you can mash 'em…

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This thread is like watching the spurious ramblings of a chat bot. :thinking: