About the Event Calendar category

This category contains the event calendar and replies that populate it. Please read the pinned About post for instructions on adding an event to the calendar.

It’s not possible to create new topics in this category, only replies to the event calendar topic are permitted.

To add an event:

  • create a new reply to Event Calendar
  • add a short title on the first line, which will appear in the calendar
  • use the ‘insert date’ button to add the start and end date of the event
  • add a URL for the event if there is one

Your reply should look something like this:

Newark Classic Bike Show

[date-range from=2023-01-07 to=2023-01-08 timezone="Europe/London"]


Further description can be added under standard lines above but note this is not a discussion category.

It’s currently a limitation of the calendar that dates are only in US format. Beware when using the Week view.