About the Roads to Ride category

Roads and routes around the world, recommended by the TMF members who’ve ridden them.

This sub-category is for members to share the routes they love with the rest of the forum and beyond.

A route, for the purpose of this sub-category, is considered to be a stretch of road, a complete, designated road, or a series of roads that make up an uninterrupted travel route.

The template you see when creating a new topic is a reminder of what to add. Some content is required for.a new topic:

  • Road names/numbers - also add places and landmarks if they help identify a stretch of road. E.g. ‘A57 Snake Pass - Glossop to Ladybower Reservoir’.
  • Why you recommend it!
  • Tag your new topic with country and all counties/regions the route enters. If you can’t see a tag you need, PM or DM @Octoberon to have it added.

Important: You must add a country first, then you’ll be able to select the region/county. This is because they tags are grouped. If you try to add the region first it won’t be found.

Optional but interesting and useful to add if you can:

  • Map (screenshot) showing the route.
  • GPX file for others to load in to theor own satnav.
  • Photos taken from the route

Only one route per topic. Replies containing other routes may be moderated. Ctreate a new thread!