ABS vs no ABS braking style

I was watching a recent video by ryan f9 (a canadian youtuber) where he discussed how abs works on bikes and the way to get the best out of it. It made me think about the different approach I take to my abs equipped bike compared to my non abs bike. I realised that I frequently do emergency brake tests on my non abs bike just to keep on top of that skill. However I’ve never done the same on my abs bike, I always figured I’d just grab a handful of brakes and the abs would do it’s job. The video concludes that I’m wrong and should do the same on my abs bike as I do on my non abs bike. That is, progressive braking to load up the front tyre gradually to build up to full pressure. Everybody else probably knows this but abs on bikes is new to me, however I just thought I’d mention it and give a link to the video for those interested and await to see if anyone has an opinion on this.
Out-braking the ABS Myth - YouTube


Well I did not - very interesting video, thanks.

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You make an excellent point and I suspect many don’t bother testing the braking limit at all, irrespective of ABS. We should all be doing this but perhaps not on a damp, leafy, autumnal road. :slight_smile:


I’ve experimented ABS for the first time last Saturday.
I try not to use it, but I was a bit optimistic arriving an hairpin (in other word I was riding like an idiot and the abs saved me from a disgraceful move).

A friend of mine, very experimented rider (pro) told me we have to activate rear + front ABS time to time to ensure it works as it should.