Action cameras?

Anyone able to recommend (cheaper) alternatives to GoPro? I have an ancient Hero 3 and was thinking of upgrading as I’m sure the technology must have advanced considerably in the past 10 years or so!

The latest GoPro seems to cost about £350 which seems excessive for what I want. I don’t need 4k footage - 1080p is fine. I would like decent battery life though (several hours) as my current Hero 3 will only last about 40 minutes before dying.

I don’t want it to be a dash cam kind of device, just something I can attach to bike or helmet if I’m going somewhere interesting.


I have the gopro hero 3+ black and i’ve ran a separate usb wire for the camera for power and it’s been great tbh!
Sure, it’s old but more importantly, cheap!
Clip on screen and a remote control fob and the whole lot was £65 secondhand.
It connects to the new gopro app (quik?) and you can control it with your phone (and view the live images also).
I’ve thought about upgrading it with a newer one (for the rs’s gopro app control) but I’d probably only use it a couple of times and then get bored if i’m honest with myself.

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