Adjusting a T140 seat

This Bonny has a shortened mudguard and a weenie bates back light that is erm…swamped by the standard seat.

Pull off the seat edge binding, the cover and the foam to expose the rusty metal seat base and mark to fit tight to the sub frame

Cut tabs around the edge

Bend the tabs over and try for fit

All looks ok with a bit of adjustment with the hammer. Took a while to weld due to thin rusty edges but got there in the end

A smattering of primer and then a fews coats of black paint after treating and de rusting

Stretch the cover back over the foam. No need to cut anything as the foam compresses easily enough. While pushing the beading edging back over the seat base edge. And…looks miles better.

Sorted. :stuck_out_tongue: Phew…over…


Nice work fella, can you get us a side shot like your first photo? Will be a good comparison

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Agreed lovely job.

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Side shots together

Thanks chaps, not bad…over :sunglasses:



(My response had to be 10 characters long apparently… :crazy_face:)

A very noticeable improvement :clap:

The original looks like a mattress stuck on the back. Much better with the slimmed-down version…

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