Adverts to make a forum worthwhile…

Just been on TTF for the first time since my subscription lapsed. Jeez, what a mess of a webpage to go back to… the intrusive ads made the visit unpleasant and very short. I’d forgotten how much better subscription made the interface.

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I’ve never been a TTF subscriber, but have never got adverts. I’ve always assumed it was because I have Adblock Plus on my laptop. It’s a free download.

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What’s an advert?

Yeah its bad, I use the brave browser now which blocks the adds but for me, it’s an extremely slow experience. I mean really bad! Takes forever for pictures to load and you cant do anything while they load except watch the page jump up and down meaning you can’t even read anything. Very frustrating and I am not subscribing again. But I still go there since I have friends there which haven’t came over here.


Perhaps they need someone to mention the benefits. :grin:

I actually posted a cheeky wee link to my decat thread on here :grin: but thats as far is it goes for me for fear of creating some kind of rivalry.

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I get a weekly update on popular posts but I haven’t been on there since I joined here.

That’s fair, I’d say. I did post a link to this forum when it first launched. Wayne took it down eventually but I reckon everyone had seen it by then.

I won’t be renewing my subscription on the old forum when the time comes, which means I probably won’t bother visiting it much.