Air box true potential?

I am wondering what real effect the airbox has on the running of my Street twin,i read where some change the filter for a K&N to improve the effect of air to engine.Looking at the small inlet of the snorkel tucked in behind the plastic cover what amount of air is really getting through to where its benefiting the performance ? Obviously some is required but how much more is needed to be beneficial ?I have fitted a fuel booster plug and it has sorted low revs issue,but they recommend placing the sensor into the airbox via the snorkel for colder air to make the item perform to its potential.The engine runs very hot i cannot imagine that the air its getting via the snorkel is of much benefit ?To that end i have fitted a Free spirits air filter, not noticed any performance change as yet and do not really expect to but i assume the engine is benefiting ?Perhaps there is a technician that can explain the systems pro’s and or con’s ?

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Don’t know about the Street Twin but I did do the stage 1 induction modification on my old air cooled Bonneville.

This was the Triumph Twin Power product wherein you replace the air intake snorkel with a bellmouth velocity stack, remove the internal baffle from the airbox, fit a K&N filter or similar, fit more free flowing exhausts and install the new ECU map via Tuneecu.

Fitting a free flow air filter on it’s own wouldn’t have made any difference to performance so I doubt it will on the Street Twin.

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Hi Steve, yes that’s my conclusion, i have removed the baffles from the stock exhausts that has resulted a deeper rich sound.I do not intend going down a tuning route just a tweak or two, i imagine the filter would allow the engine run a little cooler though.I am 72 with back issues, i like to do my own maintenance etc but will dodge removing the CAT.The bike has enough power/grunt to satisfy my needs now a days.Ride safe.Pete.