Airbag vest adventures, highs, lows etc

How about the Helite GP airbag vest I read it can be used on the road, I’m aware of the gap for the hump and slight compromise under the arm. Just a thought have you looked at one of these?

Whilst it would be more expense have you thought about sizing up on your summer and winter jackets and keeping your Klim vest as it would seem to me you feel far more comfortable riding with the added protection of an airbag vest?

Hmmm…that’s an interesting way to look at it… And certainly on my radar.

Equally …I was considering the inbuilt Helite jackets…

But all an expense I simply can’t make my wife work hard enough to be able to afford…

Diet…it’s free…

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It bloody isn’t!

It costs me…a lie in, a bottle of whiskey, crumpets…need I go on!? :rofl:

You wont be going on for much longer…

@DanielB - probably rehashing the thought processes you’ve been through, but I like MrsV’s vest jacket thing approach. It’s an all weather solution without the added complexity that comes with airjacket maintenance. It makes more of your wardrobe available to wear on the bike. I know it’s not possible to work out, but I imagine there was a mortality/morbidity score out of 10, where (in the event of a crash) being naked will score 10 for some damage and abstinence scores 0… wearing “standard” protective jacket, trousers, boots, gloves and helmet will mitigate the damage score… how much extra can you lower that score by swapping one protective jacket for another and then, is the overall financial outlay to do this, worth that outlay?


I wanted to put this in as a completely new topic in the “Bike Gear” section but I can’t seem to add to that as a new topic?

Any road up, meduck, I thought it was worth adding this in to try to boost the number of signatures it will hopefully receive …

The more the merrier!




I put it in Riding a few weeks ago. :slightly_smiling_face:

Bike Gear is one of those where all the posts go in the sub-categories…for now. There’s some rework and simplification coming.

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Merry Christmas all.

Just been rereading this thread.

Jesus I can talk!

Anyway, a brief update.

Earlier this year, having not lost any weight, I sized DOWN on helite …so the unit is “smaller” but the adjustments maxed out.

This seems to be working really well for me, fit wise…

I also bought it second hand. It is also black, not hivis.

I wear it daily, over the top of whatever season jacket I wear.

It’s great.

Ride safe everyone!

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:laughing: Very Christmassy. It’s why we like you, Daniel! :grin:

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