All major road building projects in Wales are scrapped [BBC]

Not exactly motorcycling but it affects us too. Well, if you’re riding in Wales.

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Not enough icons for this tbf! Don’t want to like, disagree, agree, get angry or neither am I surprised.
I suppose its a “not surprised”.

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Suits me, leaves no excuse for lack of funds to carry out routine maintenance.

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The Welsh government said all future roads must pass strict criteria which means they must not increase carbon emissions, they must not increase the number of cars on the road, they must not lead to higher speeds and higher emissions, and they must not negatively impact the environment.

Am pretty sure that would kibosh any new road at all :man_shrugging:

I don’t fully understand the reasons for the decision, but it strikes me that this is a bit short sighted. You cannot stop progress or the development of a society and the people within that society. Stopping road development can only hold back any development.

Of the 59 proposed road building schemes, 16 are going ahead the rest to be reviewed for environmental and financial efficiency, fine by me.

So that means they must also be stopping building of any new housing estates. As that would go against the same criteria.

Or stop people reproducing :rofl: