All the nicest things begin with a T

Those pre unit drag bikes…I think it’s a pre unit next on the list :heart_eyes:

That site really is quite…eclectic.

Found this on there, wow. Can I have a go? I’d get salt in me teeth with all the grinning :grin:


Cool as…

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Snippets of a couple of photos from SixthStreet NY

I hope he got better.

Kick stand again.


Quote from Danny Weiss: (see the photo taped to the filing cabinet above)

“I was doing pretty well: I was neck and neck with this guy through the finish line. We were both going too fast, and he bumped me. The turn … after the finish line had this 20 foot drop, and at the bottom of that was a cinderblock wall.
So he bumped me, and sent me straight off that. I flew through the air and crashed through that wall.
I was in bad shape. I had to get airlifted out of there to a trauma center in Hershey, Pennsylvania. I basically broke everything on the right side of my body. I broke my ribs so bad, they punctured a lung.
My whole right leg was destroyed. I was in a coma for 12 days. I spent basically three months in the hospital.
I’m done with racing now.”


I’ve had to have a stiff chat with the garage occupiers lately :rage: they’ve been acting up and now they have to sit at the front so I can watch what they are up to.
Just about to try for sparks on one and thought “I’ll leave that till after lunch” and proceeded to nearly cut my thumb off trying to make a cheese and onion sandwich…bloody hell! That stings a bit…
Obviously I blamed the bastards in the garage and started to think, again, about getting the hammer to 'em.
Then I go and watch something like this and it gets me all keen again.
A bit of healing time and we can try for that spark …