Almeria Trackdays 2022

Just thought I’d pop some pics up of the recent track days I did in Almeria.

The hotel in Mojacar

The bike at the track

One dead tyre, lasted 2 1/2 days…

Time to pack and let the bike go home.

Looking a bit crowded out there

The mob known as “The Instructors”

This is some of the bunch I go with

Gift wrapped, ready to go on the truck.

When you want the aircon running but don’t have a spare keycard for the room when you’re out… :grin:

And finally, time to relax.


Brilliant. Thanks for the pics. It looks liek a lot of fun to be on a trackday out there in the sunshine.

So they freight a track bike out there for you as well? I’m thinking this is not a cheap weekend away… Do you organise it yourselves or is there a company that takes care of everything?

Brilliant. More bottle than i definitely have! Thanks for sharing sir!

It’s all run by BBS Eurotracks, I always pay extra as I go for a single room, extra nights etc.
But the basic package currently is £995 for 3 days on track, 4 nights shared room half board in a hotel, bikes picked up and dropped from Wokingham (possibly Derby as well I think?)
Oh, and £90 for the carnet.
You have to pay for your own flights and hire car, most people club together for the car.
I started going in 2019 and done 3 trips with them so far, loved every one.


It’s certainly something to think about. Wokingham would be convenient if I still lived in Camberley. Derby is closer now. Thanks for the info.

That’s not bad value for three days track time and four nights hotel :+1:

If anyone’s interested, let me know.
The next one currently is next May, but if they get enough bikes (45) they’ll do one in October…
Currently they’re just gauging interest but if there’s enough people, it’ll be £300 deposit to book a place.

I’d love to but probably won’t be able to divert funds this year.

That looks amazing!!

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One for the bucket list!

If that’s within your budget, it looks like a really memorable break! Awesome :sunglasses:

I am looking to do a trackday in Spain next year. Not sure when. I normally do 5 or 6 in the UK, but have only done Oulton and have Anglesey booked for July. We are away in Canada this year for 3 weeks so that has taken all of my track day funds.

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Some of the ‘official’ pics from Spain.