Almeria Trackdays 2023


OK, we have 30 bikes total so far, 45 are required to make it feasible for an open pit lane event.
It’s a very friendly event, a bunch of us go for a week or so as a holiday as well, at times it seems like you have the track to yourself with only 45 bikes in total (Not the 45 per session like most companies run).
No need to worry if you’re a novice, I did it as my first trackday back in 2019 :grin:

Anyone fancy it?

Some details from the organiser
*"We now have our event dates for Almeria next May. *
*Dates are 8, 9, 10 and 11 May 2023. *
This time we will work it on a four day basis as most of you who went on last May’s event did the fourth day. If there are a few who only can do 3 days, we should be able to sort a package out.
Four days on track and 5 nights Half Board ( usual wine and water) and transport £1195 The way we need to run this though in the light of so many last minute drop outs is as follows:
Deposit of £300 payable to secure place
*Full payment balance by beginning of November This way we can decide whether the event can still run or pull the event and issue full refunds. We then as a company will only forfeit any deposits we have paid. "

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I would love to do it but my Europe trip is supposed t begin a month later and I can’t do both, unfortunately.

I’d be interested too, but also planning a spain trip next year… that and living in NI kinda complicates things with travel and bike shipping… it does sound like enormous fun though :thinking: