Annual mileage

So, how many miles are you doing per year? I’ve had a reminder to book the ditch pump in for it’s annual service so had a trot out to the garage to see how many miles it’s done. Bit of a shocker really, only 3.4k in total in 3 years and only 1k in the last 12 months. In my defence we’ve had covid lockdowns and I’ve had carpel tunnel in both hands and have not long finished my 12 month stint as Seniors captain at batting central. I did 9k on my 1st GS in 2 years, 4k on the 2nd again in 2 years so my annual milage is getting less and less. So what do the rest if you clock up?


Is it cos you have had the same bike for 5/6 years? How about something new perhaps? Just a thought.
Just over 3000 last year.

That’s a fair point James. I have tried a number of other bikes each time I’ve changed, but the acid test on the ride home afterwards has up until now resulted in yet another GS as they’re just so good as a do it all only bike. I do like the colour scheme of the 1250 RS sport, but last time I tried an RS 3 years ago because I’m a dwarf I found myself leaning too far forward to the clip on style bars which restricted my rear view. They offer a straight bar option now so might see if they have one on demo when the GS gets it’s service in June. Trouble is I don’t want a triple or a 4 and I don’t like chains so I’m a bit stuffed really. I really liked my R1150R back in the day but the 1250R is ugly even by BM standards.


Im not exactly a high milage man. I put my lack of annual riding down to me being a driver all day, when I get home the thought of going back out doesnt happen often. Then when I get a day off some times I want it to mean just that.


Last year some 6k miles. Speed Triple. Some of those tough, but most exhilarating. :smiley:


Between bikes, I have been consistently doing around 10k. That usually involves a couple of tours. One year, before covid, I’m sure I did closer to 20, 4 tours that year including a 10 day Spain trip. Probably had a lower year or 2 there during covid. But off to a good start this year :slightly_smiling_face:

I probably only do 4-5k in the car. Because driving sucks!


It’s so much weather dependent.
Some years it’s 3000 and others it’s less than 2000.
I only ride when the weather is nice. Last year the summer was too hot on a lot of days. This spring it’s just been shite.
Usually I’ve been to a few BSB rounds and a good few breakfast runs by now, but this year I’ve ridden once.
I’ve got a trip to Assen scheduled for the MotoGP which will be around 1000 mile round trip, so that will quickly get a few miles in.


What you seem to be describing there is a harley or similar… honestly.

I’ve had the Speed Triple since August 2021 and it’s done 2300 miles in those 20 months. I’ve owned the Tiger since November 2022 and that’s done 900 miles in 6 months, so that’s 3200 miles in the past 20 months - 1920 miles per year.

Now I have the Tiger I’m expecting to do more in the coming 12 months as it’s way more practical than the Speed Triple.


Tried a couple of them years ago and I was very underwhelmed, plus IMO they’re very overpriced for what they are. You have to spend a tidyvsum sorting them out which then invalidates the warranty even though you fit genuine HD parts. Bonkers


I’ve turned into a fair weather biker and as @Oldskool said, it depends how crap the week has been and sometimes the weekend is a lazy one.
But 2.5 k last year isn’t much really.
@BrownMouse and @Vulpes are my inspiration!


Triumph Tiger - 20000 miles since August 2020.
Yamaha XSR700 - 7500 since April 2121.
Moto Guzzi - 2500 in 8 months.

(There would also be some miles on the Rninet up to 2021, but not sure how many)


I probably do around 3000 miles per year across my 4 bikes. Like others, I am a fair weather biker these days and only ride for pleasure.

I do feel guilty that 2 of my bikes often only see 2-300 miles between MOTs but I don’t want to part with them. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Last year I managed 7200 miles on the tiger sport 1050 and 1500 miles on a the Thruxton. I normally do one or two tours a year the rest is pleasure miles riding out here in the North West. I’ve done 850 miles on the 660 in the last 5 weeks, but expect to put circa 1500 miles more in the next couple of weeks in France :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve done 49k in just under 5 years so an average of 10k a year, though it’s been creeping up more recently. This insurance year I’ve done 8k with a 1.5k tour to come as well as 3 months of other riding. (Hence me getting my insurance changed to 13k a year from 10)


When I had sport tourers, last was a Multistrada (up to 2015) it was 5-6k/yr. Since then the Speed Triple has done 2k/yr and likewise SWMBO on her Street Triple. Recently bought the S1000XR for more touring, did 1k last Sept/Oct and 3k planned next month, so should be back to previous mileage. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:
It is dry miles other than if on tour.


19,000 in less than 2 years on the Tiger 900 GT PRO.
950 on my 03 Bonneville.
153 on my new GT PRO… :laughing:


10,449 on my Tracer 700 in just short of four years.
2010 on my Z900RS in twenty months.
120,987,078,637,237,936,127,634 parsecs in my Inter-Galactic_Hyper-Jigger GT XL Plus Mk 111a in ten years and 2 months and four days.

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:star_struck: :stuck_out_tongue:And you tell that to the kids of today, an they don’t believe ya. :rofl: :rofl: :zipper_mouth_face: :dotted_line_face: :hole:

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