Another sunny day

Went out on Sunday to take advantage of the sunny weather after the previous weeks rain and snow.

Along the coast to Whitby and the Whistle Stop Cafe - finally nice not to be Billy no mates for once.

Headed for the Forge Tea Rooms in Hutton-le-Hole. Temperature dropped from 8 to 2.5 degrees on top of the moors. Enjoyable ride though (it’s snowing again now :rage:


Another nice set of pictures @stevelovatt .
I noticed that you have fitted your disc lock when you parked up. Do you always do this when stopped on a ride out? I must admit I never do and wondered if other forum members do or don’t use a disc lock when out on a ride?

I always use my disc lock if I am out of sight of the bike.

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I’ll always put the disc lock on if the bike is parked up out of sight.

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Cheers mate, I always carry a disc lock and use it if I leave the bike and go on walkabout.
I don’t bother if it’s parked outside the cafe or I can see it.
Mind you, it’s not a bad habit to get into I suppose.

Yes maybe I should follow your lead. I’m very lax about security when I’m on a ride.
Funny as I always use the disc lock when I park up when on tour.

I wouldn’t follow it too closely mate, I once didn’t bother to use the disc lock and when I got back after at least 3 hours, I couldn’t find my keys.
Went through my jacket and trouser pockets at least twice then spotted the keys where I’d left them - in the ignition :grimacing:

Ha ha yes I have been guilty of the same error of keys left in the ignition or on the seat.

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I think I put this in a confession thread on TTF, but I once parked my bike overnight in a multi-story in the middle of Birmingham and left the keys in the ignition. Discovered them when I came back the following afternoon. Fortunatley it was a Yamaha Thunderace so no one wanted to nick it. :grin:

I was in whitby a couple of weeks back, it was sunny and warm then! but I was in the car! Going back north over the moors and there were 3 barn owls and a short eared owl hunting. An excellent day and the batter on the fish at sneaton castle was the best I’ve ever had.
I nearly always use either a disc lock or two, sometimes three or my u-lock when parking. Plus the trophy has an alarm on it.
I have left a key in the ignition though not with my triumphs but on my old airhead BMW’s. They had keys where the top folded down and was sleek against the bike so I often forgot them! The bike and keys were always there when I returned… :laughing:


Possible though not probable consequence of padlocking your bike.

Seen recently on a Dublin street. I did once hear of a Honda sportsbike were the owner had padlocked the front wheel to a lamp post and on his return, just the front wheel remained.

I used to use a disc lock, until it jammed up on me and wouldn’t unlock. I was at Assen racetrack at the time :scream: luckily after much effort and a fair bit of sphincter clenching, I got it undone. Scared me though :grinning:

I used to keep my lock on a bracket on the bike, which was handy. Trouble was if it rained it ended up full of water and I did worry that it might seize up with rust.

Keep it in a waterproof bag on the side of the bike now.

The good thing about the trophy is the under seat storage, I can fit 3 disc locks under there plus a puncture repair kit along with the toolkit. Then a cable lock in the fairing cubbyhole for locking the helmet on with.

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