Another TTF regular

Hi All,
I am the same Dawsy from the old forum. Thanks to @Octoberon for setting this up. Hope it’s as much fun as the other one but minus the spam😊
Had bikes from when I was 16 until about 37 then was without until 2018. Had GPz’s, GSXR’s, Harris Kawasaki and many others over the years. As a kid I always loved the Trident T160 but have the great grandchild now :blush:


Welcome, Dawsy. We will defintiely be avoiding the spam around here one way or another.

Congratulations on the great grandchild. I presume that’s a generational fact and not just that your other grandchildren are a bit average. :wink:

:smiley:I meant by bike is the grandchild of the Trident!

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:sweat_smile: My bad.

Got any pics of your Harris… always good for a semi-on when you saw them in the flesh!


Fnaar fanarr! Hok hok! Yik yik!


In it’s Red period. Started out blue and white until throttle stuck open while pulling a wheelie😲
Poor quality as a photo of a photo



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