Are full face helmets more safety choices than modular helmets?

I just have had modular helmets. I like their practicality.

Firstly I bought silver Schuberth C-5 (on right). It was a fine helmet, but the weight just was too much for me. I adored the weight of my friend’s Shoie NRX. So I ended up purchasing carbon based AGV Sportmodular (on the left). Two years ago it was the lightest modular helmet on the market. I admit Schubert felt a better-made product but I just personally liked to use AGV more. So I sold my Schuberth away.

Helmets 1 – kopio
Helmets 2 – kopio

I wonder are the full-face helmets more safety choices? Or are those so close to each other that in real-life conditions/accidents, the possible difference will not matter much?

PS: I know that there is a new standard ECE 22.06 (my helmet has older ECE 22.05 approval).

I own a modular Shark helmet, a full face Arai and an adventure style full face Scorpion. I suppose that technically the full face style is ‘safer’, but I agree that the modular has some advantages, particularly in the summer.

I’m quite happy to wear my modular Shark and don’t worry about whether it is as safe as the full face helmets - I think any accident big enough to highlight the difference is probably going to kill me anyway :grinning:

My Arai and Shark are 22.05 approved and my Scorpion is 22.06. If looking at new helmets now, I only consider those that are 22.06.


I was told that some modular helmets are only safety - rated for when they are closed, whereas others are rated for when they are in the open position too, so I would ensure anything I chose was tested open and closed if I were to consider a modular helmet.

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