Are you going to the beach

Came across this today. At 71 my kids have long flown the nest but there may be a lot of younger ones heading to a beach this summer.


Mine is 19 so if he gets lost it’s his problem now. Still, good idea for the little ones.


Its ok i saw Reggie Perryn

I didn’t get where I am today…

This looks like a really useful service. My kids have long left the nest, but I do remember being worried when ever we took them to the beach or an event where they could wander off.

I lost my son at Glastonbury twice and once at Womad. Of course i panicked but not as much as if it was in a city or town centre he was about 3 years old at womad, my only excuse is i had charge of my 3 kids and 3 of my cousins kids too.

We lost ours once at about the same age. This was in a department store and we couldn’t find him anywhere. We informed security who promptly closed all the doors. Turned out the little bugger was playing hide-and-seek in the changing room. Despite us calling and calling he thought it was a great game.

Same with mine at womad, Q “where have you been”?.. A “my hiding”

Don’t you just love the little blighters…

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No. But I love dogs. Lol


Funnily enough, once or twice a year I do a city break in Europe with a couple of mates, not on bikes. One of them, John, is an absolute clusterf*$& when it comes to finding his way about or even knowing where he is. When on the underground or tram in places like Munich/Prague/Berlin etc he hasn’t a clue how to find his way about. He doesn’t even remember the name of our hotel. When in the pub pre-trip planning, he usually can’t remember where we’re going. If he ever got lost he’d be stuffed and vulnerable. So when we get to our hotel, we always give him one of the hotels cards so that if he gets lost he can get a taxi and show them the card. A wrist band would be a good idea for him though. I’ll look into it next time we go on a trip.

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Mentioning wrist band, I use a wrist band from this company (too many health problems). I have contact details and health issues engraved on. Wifey has one for when she goes running (does half marathons) and is Type 1 diabetic so handy to wear one.
I have no affiliation with the company but they give very good service.

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Seems theres an opportunity for a wrist band company for “the geographically challenged”

You mean one of these?

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Damn fiendish the Japanese…

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Been to the beach, Bury Port my first actual walk since frankenstein had his toolkit in my back.


Good to be walking around again Pat?

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Aw yes mate, and out in the fresh air thanks. We go to the beach at least once a week all year round. The rest of the week we go to the forests around here, we have natural resources wales forests all around us so very lucky.