Are you supersitition?

Do you have ‘’‘guardian bell’’ on you bike?

I have even two … both big cats. Tiger in front, Lion in back.


I had to Google “guardian bell”. I had no idea that was a thing! But no, I’m not superstitious at all :slightly_smiling_face:

Nope not at all :grinning:

Not like that, no. My only superstition is not being presumptuous and tempting fate. I never say, for example: “We’ll be home by midnight”. I would always say: “All being well, we’ll be home by midnight”. :crossed_fingers:

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Nope, couldn’t be doing with stuff like that jingling about :rofl:

Each to their own; they’re not for me but I have noticed they’re becoming more popular in the UK.

I do have to admit to all sorts of superstitious habits though…like putting one glove on first always, not saying the “q” word at work etc :rofl:.

I seem to remember @Sandi (of this parish but not seen in many moons) has them on her bikes. Or at least th Harley. Doesn’t @iron have them as well, or did I just imagine that…