Armoured leggings

I’ve had an absolute nightmare over the years trying to find decent bike jeans that don’t look like a sack when I’m wearing them. I currently just have a pair of Spidi J-Trackers having bought and returned at least a dozen alternatives; consequently, I find myself wearing regular jeans far too often and it does make me feel a bit vulnerable.

Anyway, I recently discovered the Pando Moto armoured leggings and have been wearing them for a couple of weeks now. All I can say is that they’re completely transformational - lovely and comfortable with the armour secured in just the right place, and I just wear my regular jeans over the top. The ones I have are AA rated for abrasion resistance, although they also do an AAA rated version if you want to take the protection to the highest level.

I can’t recommend these leggings highly enough.


Interesting. Are they comfortable off the bike for when you want to stop somewhere and go exploring?

Yes, completely comfortable The armour is about the equivalent of D3O Ghost, too, so not even noticeable.

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