Australian GP

I just watched it on ITV Hub. I’ve mostly found MotoGP fairly dull this year, but WHAT A RACE!!

MotoGP back to its best :+1:

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Definitely the best race of the year.
Closest race ever with top 7 within 1.5 seconds I think they said?

I think the gap between the top seven was 0.8 seconds! It’s great to have Marquez back, he really spices things up. The only rider who can make a Honda work.

Definitely the best action in the big class all year. It was like a Moto3 race where any one of eitht riders could have won it. You had to feel for Jack, though. Unceremoniouly punted off like that.It’s Pecco’s to lose now.

yes the race was really good, but it’s also probably the one that will prevent Fabio Quartararo to get a second World championship.

I think it’s that Yamaha that is preventing him from winning this year’s championship. He’s riding it to the limit but it’s just not up to the job, it seems.


Ducati are far superior as soon as full power is needed.
But if Bagnaia is champion he desserves the title, no question.
Marc Marquez race was impressive, that time he is really back in business !!

Marc seems to be competitive again but I wonder if his time has passed with the new crop of riders hungry for wins, just like he was to Rossi when he arrived in the big class. I’m sure he’ll win more races but whether he’ll manage another championship on the Honda we’ll have to see. Either way, he’s highly entertaining to watch.

If Bagnaia can stay rubber side down he’ll take the trophy this year. The Ducati’s are quick but the differnce isn’t as pronounced as last year. They were just breezing past other marques on the straights last season.

Ducati went down the handling route instead of more power and it certainly worked. Poor Fabio has to do it all on his own with the slowest bike against all the red devils.

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Dead right. I’m not Fabio’s biggest fan but I have to take my hat off to him for effort this season.

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