Away to the Balkans

Wow! What a first day. At least you’ve got absolutely the right bike for it :+1:

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First day is always wet! Just to get the bike stinking for the rest of the trip :joy:
Hopefully thats the worst of it by


Well done Wim, over 500 miles is epic. I will view the photos when the problem with using my vpn is fixed.

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Day two, 340 miles

Woke up to a glorious day.
A bit more motorway, then got to the beautiful Wurzen pass.

Video to follow.
Then on to Bled lake.

After that made progress to meet up with an old mate, with whom I had a lovely dinner.

Croatia awaits tomorrow.


What a great set of pictures. What was the history of the tank? :+1:

Not sure what the history is, Steve, but it’s a T34. There’s a bunker museum there too.

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Some start to your adventure…!
Hope that is the rain finished for you now…
I seem to remember an advert that said something along the lines of:
“ Put a Tiger in your tank.”
Can’t think why that came back to me…!
Tot Ziens…!

I remember that as well. It was used by Esso to boost sales back in the day :grinning:


I’m guessing zapped during the war.

day3, 254 miles

An excellent day. I left Piran, having said goodbye to my friend, and continued on my journey.
First to the Croatian border, and along the coast.

A few hiccups in the form of traffic jams along there, not nice in full gear in 34C, but hey ho, what can you do? :joy:

But nice roads after that…

Then I made my way East, to Zjeljava Airbase , which was interesting

Old delapitated hangars (I actually rode in… :see_no_evil:)…

And then there was the old runway - I took the bike right up the end, and hurtled back - got it up to 120 mph, and had I thought of doing up my jacket I could’ve probably maxed it… :see_no_evil: good fun though!

They also left an old airplane…

From there back West, along lovely, sweeping roads.

When I arrived at today’s destination I was quite ready for a beer and some grub…

Montenegro tomorrow! :grinning:


A fecking runway to play on :open_mouth: you bastard! :rofl::rofl::rofl:
That looks amazing

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That runway is cool we have an old runway beside us but its all potholed. Just thinking how much concrete they must have used between 1939 and 45. :thinking:
Enjoying reading this, have a great time Wim.


Cheers Steve!

brillant pictures! Ride safe mate!


Another epic day Wim. Loving the pictures and storyboard. :grinning:

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More to come, mate!


Excellent updates - really nice to be able to see what you’re up to :slightly_smiling_face:.

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Cheers! Glad you like my exploits!


Day 4, 281 miles

I left early, my route would take me mainly along the Adriatic coast. A bit of motorway first, and then onto the nicer roads. Or so I thought. To be honest, most of it WAS nice - but the really touristy bits are at the least “vexing”. Too busy, too slow. And hot, but that’s not their fault. There were, however, mitigating circumstances, such as views…

After the middle bit things got better, and the 80 mile stretch of road towards Dubrovnik was absolutely brilliant!

As were the views of said city (I did not stop and visit).

After Dubrovnik it was not far to my destination for the day, Kotor, Montenegro. I had not calculated the border crossing in, though - a massive queue for immigration, Montenegro not being in Schengen. So I saved myself at least an hour by cheekily running to the front of the queue - just because you can, right? :joy::see_no_evil:

A very slow 10 miles to the ferry (I did not fancy riding around the bay, as the skies were blackening).

A 10 minute crossing, only 8 miles to go! Which took me the best part of an hour. All single track with no passing places. Things got really interesting when a German overlander was making it’s way toward me, with mrs. Kraut walking ahead trying to shoo the traffic away :see_no_evil:. By now it was raining proper, too.

When I finally got to my guesthouse (having ridden up on really steep, narrow and slippery alleys) I was pretty knackered. But hey ho, a pretty good day. Finished it off with a couple of beers and some really nice deep fried squid.

A leisurely day tomorrow - Staying in Montenegro, only about 170 miles.


Looks lovely… as does the squid!

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