Away to the Balkans

Well, Tigger’s all loaded up and ready for departure. The first leg will hopefully take me somewhere near München tomorrow. Bit of a slog, but there are many miles to be covered this trip. I’ll keep those interested updated here.


We’re all interested. Updates every hour please :slightly_smiling_face:

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Have a great trip Wim and you MUST keep us updated :grinning:


Cheers @Dawsy , will do!

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Following! Have a brilliant trip :grinning:

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What, another holiday already?

Have a great trip Wim and ride safe mate :grinning:

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Yep, sorry Dave, just because I can… :laughing:

Cheers Steve!

Cheers Andy!

Safe journey Wim.
Enjoy. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

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Quite right too. Enjoy!

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Cheers Colin!

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Cheers Dave, I’m very much looking forward to this adventure!

How many days holiday do you get from work? Do they need a configuration control guy?:grinning:

I get 30. Not enough! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::see_no_evil: can’t wait to tell the bu@@ers to feck off! :laughing:

Rijd veilig, Wim! Tot ziens.

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Dankjewel Adie!

day 1, 510 miles
Well what to say. It was one HELL of a ride, and not in a fun way. I left home at 7.30 and hit the motorway. Half an hour in the cover for my mini tank bag had blown off (tnx SW Motech, crap design). I’d had the foresight to don my “waterproofs” (take that with a pinch of salt) before departure, and quite rightly so. An hour in:

And a bit later:

Rain for 410 miles, some of it at BIBLICAL PROPORTIONS. 2 inches of standing water on the motorways, I kid you not. Lightning struck about half a mile to my right, fortunately I was wearing brown underpants :see_no_evil:. My boots (sold to me by Triumph as waterproof) were sloshing.
When the rain finally let up I had some 100 miles to go - got wee Tigger up to 115 mph (for two seconds, but hey, it’s Autobahn, so you can :laughing:), and finally got to my destination for today after a 10,5 hour ride. Still managed an average of some 60 mph - that Tiger does instill some confidence!

Time for R&R and sustenance…

Off to Slovenia tomorrow!


Look on the bright side, Wim, at least there was no plague of locusts. Mind you, you’re not there yet…