Back to blacks?

Hey, just wondering what you gals and guys are using to get your black pipes back to black - radiator pipes, but also other items…?

Radiators? Don’t be vulgar, modern nonsense :roll_eyes:

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…I’m too young to get that I’m afraid… I just want my rubber pipes to be pretty… :roll_eyes:

Wd-40, don’t think it’ll last a long time though.

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Silicone spray but don’t get in on anything you may want to paint further down the line as it’s almost impossible to get rid of and it will react with paints applied after even if you jet wash. It won’t react with the existing paintwork.

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Ah yes, good shout!! Thanks.

Bought it for the car door seals etc. but works well on bike hoses. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:


I second Autoglym vinyl and rubber care works very well.

Excellent! Autoglym on its way!

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For rubber and vinyl use boot polish - try Mr. Bartlett if you can get it, as opposed to Kiwi et al. No, really, it works very well, doesn’t discolour as easily or as quickly as some of the proprietary stuff and doesn’t wash off as quickly either.

If you’re ‘detailing’, it’s great on tyre side walls … not so good on the treaded part, mind! :smiley: :open_mouth: