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Well, a lot of you will know from elsewhere that some health issues have meant I need something a bit lighter than my HD Sport Glide, and that I have a T120 Black on order (delivery expected during May, but there was only one due into the UK prior to the end of June). That being the case it now seems a bit more appropriate for me to be playing on more than one Triumph forum.

The T120 is about 200 lbs lighter than the SG so I’m hoping that it’ll make a real difference (I took one out for quite a long test before ordering, and loved it). Gutted to be giving up the Harley, though, as I absolutely love the bike.

Anyway, I note that I’m far from the only one shedding some weight… seems to be a common theme at the moment.


I replaced the 2 exhausts (with a single low one) and a lithium battery from a lead one on the speed rs and the difference in lightness/handling/moving around was amazing.
Definitely a simple thing to do but a nice difference.

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I think I’m going to pretty much immediately replace the peashooter end cans with some exhaust tips from Motone, giving me shorties, a better sound and a big weight saving from stock.


Well, it seems the T120 is due to reach the dealership this week. Fingers crossed, as I’d really like to be doing the DGR on it, rather than the Harley (which is a bit of a lump to be negotiating its way amongst 350 other bikes, likely with little discipline being shown). Anyway, it’s getting quite exciting now.


New bike day is always exciting, regardless of the reasons why. I’m hoping my Speed Twin should be ready this week as well :smiley: