Battery Condition

So, I put a battery on the Optimate tonight and it went straight to " Save". Ok, I thought.
Then it stayed like that for 3 hours and went straight to green light with no charge time at all.
Does this strike anyone as suspicious, its certainly not normal, but does that mean the battery’s bad?
Its old enough to be failing, I don’t want stranded and wonder if any one else has had this experience. Cheers.

One of the lights (inner top right IIRC) tells you if the battery still holds a charge. That’s a good indicator of the battery’s condition, James.

So I charged the battery fully and put it in the bike. Bike started 1st time, then left it for an hour, and tried again, wouldnt start it. New battery on the way.


It’s probably good to keep a battery load drop tester in your tool kit as they are cheap. No batteries can ‘fake it’ with one of these.