Battery suddenly dying

I am the owner of a 2023 Tiger 1200 GT Pro. I am very happy about the bike. It is the most versatile, refined motorcycle I have owned, and I have owned about a dozen. Recently I have begun to experience a recurrent problem. After 12 hours or 36 hours of inactivity, the Li-Ion battery completely dies. This has happened twice, maybe three weeks apart. The first time, I bought the battery to the dealer, who found nothing wrong with it and recharged it. The second time happened yesterday; I will recharge the battery myself and take it to the dealer. But I am bit worried. It would have been preferable if it were a defective battery. This is not a trivial leak to a wire contact, because otherwise it would have occurred every day. Has this happened to anyone. If so, did you find a solution?

Does it have a tracker fitted?

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Hi and welcome…. If the bike is still under warranty I would ask the dealer to replace the battery.

Sounds like you have something using your battery, ‘a parasitic draw’

Hi, what is a tracker?

The dealer replaced (under warranty) the battery and some electronic subsystem. We’ll see.

A tracker is a GPS security device that can be used to locate stolen bikes. They’re hidden away and permanently powered, for obvious reasons.

If you have to go back to the dealer with more battery problems, ask them to check whether something is draining it.