Be careful where you stop

This is only about 4 miles from me, quiet location off the main A449 next to a petrol station.

These b@stards are getting more persistent and braver with the location on where they operate. I hope the guy gets his bike back and the people are caught.

Hanging is too good for this scum :rage:

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This was at the petrol station right next to Starbucks. It seems innocuous but there’s loads of options for an escape route away from there.

The fact that there are “campsites” close by and there is a permenant one about 5 minutes away down the lanes which you wouldn’t go near to in daylight is possibly just coincidental.

Pick you stopping places wisely chaps, some nice quiet rural spots may not be as safe as they appear.

A bit of a worry that this is getting closer to me. I think I need to arm myself with something which isn’t a weapon…

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