Belt drive?

Following on from a couple of topics on chains, I wonder why more bikes don’t have belt drive. On the face of it they would seem much lower maintenance, but there must be a downside otherwise everyone would do it?

I had a belt drive on my x-diavel and yes, quiet but if you get a small stone in the pulley system, it’s destroyed.
And, to replace, it’s swing arm out time. Thats expensive (in ducati world, it all fu:king is…!)

I had belt drive on my thunderbird lt. Was really good very little maintenance and nice and smooth.

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Belt drive on two different harleys, no issues apart from an occasional squeak which is cured with talcum powder.

I used to work with a Harley owner who was put off the road for some weeks because of a stone getting caught between belt and pulley.
Some classic bikes can be fitted with a belt primary drive to replace the primary chain, which obviously wouldn’t have a problem with stones.

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Belt drive’s for winners :wink: :rofl:

Are you on the correct forum?