Bennetts Track Day

Spent Monday at Brands with Bennetts.
Cheap trackday, not too many bikes and free HiQ pics as well.
First time I’ve ridden at Brands for nearly 20 years, I had a great day thrashing the Street around it:grin:
Went in novice class, but maybe should have gone for inters.
Highly recommend it and will definitely do it again!


Thought this was in the right topic originally, was going to do another post for the Trackday area…

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No worries. You can edit one in this categry if you like,. If you mention you’re going to expand in another place I usually don’t move things around. :slight_smile:

Brilliant photo and sounds like a great day!

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Okay, not having been to a track day… what should a novice plan ahead the join in on such frivolity?

One piece leathers or two piece that zip together (some tracks only allow one piece) Acu approved helmet ( gold sticker) how loud are your exhausts? Most tracks have decibel limits and will check with a sound meter during scrutineering, too loud and you’re going home. The actual scrutineering process, anything loose, sharp or something they view as dodgy could see you sidelined. If your chosen bike is a bit of a tatty shed they can be reluctant to let you on. Badly routed cables, leaking radiator, oil however minimal, chain oilers all are no-nos.
Some tracks are very strict, others less so, best to do your homework on your chosen venue.


Cheers @PatW… I’ve Often thought about trying it (you gotta learn more about your bike, aintcha?) but never got myself in a situation where I can… must try harder


The best track days I’ve been on were organised by magazines, Performance Bikes and Fast Bikes. Very laid back and plenty of freebies. If you’re taking your pride and joy, track day insurance is worth thinking about.

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Never been scrutineered since I started doing trackdays again 3 years ago.
Only time they check the bike is for any compulsory items (i.e. brake lever protector with MSV) or if you’ve binned it, they check it to make sure it’s safe to go out again.
So check what is compulsory for different circuits, it’s normally MSV circuits that have have a list of compulsory items i.e. brake lever protector, back protector etc

Never not been scrutineered, racing or track days, I’d rather not be on track than be on track with shonky or unchecked bikes.

Like I say, I’ve never been scrutineered for a trackday, whether it’s over in Spain or over here.

For reference, which tracks do scrutineering for trackdays over here?

Rockingham, Cadwell, Mallory, Castle Combe.

Has Rockingham reopened, I thought it closed in 2018?
Quite liked the track, quite technical rather than flowing though.

Definitely closed!
Sadly, now used as a storage yard/space for new cars.

Last time i did a track day there was 2016, i know the American Car racing never really took off which was what it was built for, mistake as that kind of buzzing round and round isn’t a Brit thing. It was a good track, and pretty central too, shame.