BG Motorsport Silverstone Ohlins suspension Thruxton R

I finally managed to get my Thruxton R over to BG motorsport today in order to get my suspension setup correctly.

They had previously ordered in Ohlins uprated springs follow prior telephone conversation. This was in anticipation that the standard ones were insufficient.

Anyway firstly I need to give these guys a huge compliment for being more than amazing. The first time I spoke with Ben I was honest and said I was a fair weather rider, he completely understood. Then throw into the mix I had 2 faults with my bike which delayed me until october. Then every date in Oct we had booked approx 5 it pored down so I cancelled.
Ben quickly agreed further dates and here I am today a very very very happy chappy.

Upon arrival everyone was fantastic. Initial tests and adjustments were done using the original springs but they were on the limit for me with no room for a pillion should I ever need one.
On went the uprated springs sag tests plenty of measurements and a couple of test rides with tweaks to the settings and boy does the rear feel like a different bike. The front took a bit more adjustment as it was brutal but we got to a really good place.
The new springs are black opposed to yellow.
BG motorsport even changed the blue stickers on my rear shock to black.
In terms of cost they were not expensive. I’m not going to state the price I paid as this is not about price it is about the absolutely terrific service I received.
Anyone who is playing around with their suspension give these guys a shout.
Here are some pics before and after.


I absolutely agree that getting your suspension set up by a professional is the right thing to do and anybody with a Thruxton should consider this.
Your bike looks in great shape. I’m not sure about the black shocks, imo the yellow look better and balance up with the gold forks. Anyway enjoy your new setup :slightly_smiling_face:

They couldn’t source uprated in yellow. When I first saw the black ones on the bike to be honest I was underwhelmed atheistically speaking. I’m trying to blank it out of my memory in favour of ride quality.
The black stickers help to some extent.
I deliberately didn’t comment on this as wanted to see if anyone thought what I did.

As you have concurred :cry:

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Interesting….Will look them up and give them a call next spring …( ! ) …to see what they say about the Speed Triple RS…
Thanks for the report.

Nah just keep an eye on the weather over the next few weeks and u might get lucky

The black springs look fine and compliment the barrels… the gold reservoir compliments the forks…

But if you don’t like it, I could ride it for you!!! :+1::grin::+1:


Nice avatar @DCS222


Bike washed and the black is growing on me slowwwwwwwwwwwwly

Paint em, if you have a vice you can bodge up a spring compressor.

Ha like your thinking, I aint going to lose sleep over it, accepted them the way they are now. Lifes too short to worry about such minor details.

FWIW … I’m +1 on the “black is better”! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I like the black springs too. I have to admit that having my suspension set up for me by a professional was the best money I have spent on my bike so far, absolutely transformative.

Enjoy riding your improved bike :+1:.


The black looks different in a good way. I’d take either, nothing in it for me they both look good :+1:t2:

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Nobody’s metioned, yet, that @Timboo 's crash-hat rear looks like a ‘baby’ Imperial Stormtrooper.

OK, yeah, reaching for my coat as we speak …


We’ll spotted, It would be funny if he wore it that way round!!! :joy::joy::joy:

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