Big recommendation - track day

Ok, this is going down on my must do list. Huge recommendation from the bloke I was working with yesterday (CB1300) about how well this was run, hope much fun it was, and what great value it was… learn from the best to get the best from yourself!
(He did Croft)


I bet they’ll be popular!

Best £250 he’s spent, apparently… :smiley:

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Always fancied a go at Anglesey, fantastic location, if lucky enough to get Whit guaranteed to be a laugh too.

He had either Lee Johnston and Davey Todd or both iirc… but YumYumPigsBum was teaching the top group

The Anglesey circuit is brilliant, I watched an old forum member race there in the pooring rain.

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Croft is only 20 minutes away from me now, but all places are now fully booked for this year.