Bike lifts and all that

Well I’m just about to take delivery of one of these

I’ve had allsorts down the years including an ex NHS converted bed, they make great workshop jack up benches with a little work, but now im down to one bike, i thought I’d scale down a bit. Review to follow.


I’ve been pondering the mechanics of an old electric chair as a potential lift, would need a boatload of fettling first though!

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The NHS bed was only rated to 200kg but i stripped about 30kgs of weight off the top (head and foot board and side rails) and it took my Guzzi, toolbox and fat ass leaning on it no problem.

I bought an Abba Skylift primarily to move the GS around the garage as it has to go up against the wall.

After the 2 wheeled lump fell off the stand when I was jacking it up (operator error) I sold it - the Abba of course :rofl:

It’s a good tool if you want to work on your bike, but 2 paddock stands are far cheaper easier to use and more stable and you do have limited access to the bike on 1 side so if you want the bike up in the air one of those bike lift bench things are better. The wheels on the Abba are also plastic so rock solid and on anything less that a perfect surface (who has one of those in your garage) then it judders across the uneven surface of your garage floor. Some slightly larger wheels with rubber wheels would solve this. So overall it’s expensive, has it’s limitations, but is still useful in certain circumstances.

I’m glad I kept my constands dolly as I went back to using that.


Well I just use a bike bench as it does everything that I need

Apart from have a bike on it ? :joy:

Bike, bike? Wossat?