Bike of the Year (almost)

The Tiger 1200 Rally Pro was number 2 in Bike magazine’s Bike if the Year. And no, it wasn’t a GS at number 1.


What topped it??? Enfield? BSA? Could be getting like the days of yore… :grin:

Is the label on the seat the bike’s washing instructions? A couple more wheels and a roof and it’ll be perfect…

The new Ducati DesertX won for being all round good fun, on-road or off. Not really my sort of thing but there you go.


I wouldn’t say “No!” If someone handed me the keys to one though…

Meh… can’t understand the popularity of adventure bikes. I have much more fun touring on lighter, nimbler, faster, cheaper machines. And in complete comfort and all the luggage carrying capacity I need. Okay, I don’t have ‘off road ability’ but what percentage of adventure bikes actually get taken off road I wonder?


I know what you mean, when I can bring myself to sell the TDM, I’ll get summat that I can get the Mrs. on (without the use of a milk stand or Barrow’s dock cranes)!!! :joy::joy::joy:

Very few are taken off road, I believe. I can see the appeal - easy to ride, comfortable, storage, but although my Multistrada was undoubtedly a great and useful machine, it didn’t set my world on fire.


One, on the promo video.

Keep the TDM, brilliant bike.

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I’ll just have to get a second bike at some time then!


I had a gen2 Superduke, it turned out to be the best tourer I ever had. Handlebars and footpegs were adjustable so an upright riding position was easy. It had big comfy seats (optional ergo seat), cruse control. Every rider aid and gimmick going. Loads of luggage room, loads of rider room. Supreme comfort and easy and relaxed riding believe it or not. It was a fabulous bike for doing big miles. Then the flip side. It’s an absolute beast! Nothing excites like it! When your in the good stuff you are riding the most fun machine and engine you can imagine. I had the new gen3 after that but it got more focused and while a technically better bike, I miss the gen2 more. It had so much character and was just so much fun. I took that bike round Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Spain, France, the Pyrenees, the Picos. It done it all with ease and provided maximum fun and enjoyment every time. 200 mile tank range too! 180bhp, 140nm, 200kg and an epic soundtrack. Why would you ever need an adventure bike when stuff like this exsists, thats whats in my head when I go on tour and every carpark you stay at is a sea of adventure bikes. They’re missing out on all the fun.


Not sure if the tiger sport qualifies as an adventure bike, but for me it does all I ask if it every time I ride it. Whether that is touring, going on errands or just a blast for a few hours. It does it all, a true all rounder imo. :slightly_smiling_face:


Not in my book. It has 17" wheels and no off road ambitions. Its a road focused machine and a perfect all rounder… one worth considering @DCS222 eh

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I really hope Mrs DCS doesn’t read this forum :grinning: