Bike or Scooter

Hi Triumphers,

If anyone has a used bike they may want to sell, may be able to buy one by next year sometime. Since most of you guys are in the U.K. am not sure about how difficult/expensive it is to ship a bike to the U.S. from there. Might be able to emigrate instead.

Right now have limited budget, not a lot of work except I can make deliveries with uber but this is low pay only about $100 a day, minus overhead expenses which are a lot more with trucks than they are with bikes.

If I was doing work as a bike courier would need bike that has a rack for insulated box for take-out pizza/other hot food so it won’t cool down in transit before delivery and can be maintained upright.

It’s not just the uk that have motorcycles, I’ve heard Americans have them too for sale but cheaper.

Oh no that isn’t true, there isn’t a single motorbike anywhere in The Americas anymore they all got shipped to Australia.