Bike security while on tour

I also have two disc-locks. Neither of those still has any sound/alarm systems. Plus I have a lock that will lock the front brake lever to ‘‘on’’ position (handlebar). Plus I have a locked chain too.

There are some warning stickers available, but I doubt those would be very convincing (if the owner of the bike is a girl).

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Alarms on a bike are largely useless IMO. I had one on my 1st GS and it was a PITA and the siren wasn’t that loud. Better to invest in other security kit to stop them trying to take it in the 1st place


It’s another no for alarms from me. My first Bonneville came with one fitted operated by a fancy key fob. I never knew if it was on or in “garage mode” or what it was doing. Terrified of being stranded in the middle of nowhere with the bike immobilised or with a flat battery.

Always carry a dusc lock on the bike but also carry an Abus city chain (all in one lock and chain) just in case i can attach it to a post or something.


The beemer came with factory alarm fitted, useful if parked under my hotel window, otherwise pointless but hasn’t caused any reliability problems. It also had a tracker fitted, through winter I regularly get emails saying they can’t communicate with it can I switch ignition on for a few minutes, I just ignore them after the first few times.
No such tech on either of our Triumphs. Just use alarm disk locks when out and about, chained to ground anchors in the garage at home.
Take a chain when touring, but keep it sensible in weight.

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I barely lock the bike. It’s also not locked in my garage.
If I have to go to a crowded place or in a big city, I put a chain and lock, but I mainly rely on the fact I ride an old cheap and not really looked after bike.
The time I rode a BMW (during + 180 000km) if I let the bike in a parking at the airport, or train station for a few days, I removed the fuel pump fuse (and tried not to lose it) :upside_down_face:

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Is your tracker the ff Datatag stealth POS? I had one on my GS, didn’t renew the subscription once the 1st year’s free one was up and disconnected it so it stopped draining the battery.

Yes, Datatool Stealth S5, I got carried away with new (to me) bike enthusiasm and took the 3yr subscription, doubt I’ll be renewing.
Any BMW with the SOS and IMU has another effective tracker (minus call centre) via their “Connected” app which tells you where the bike is and more.
(Haven’t noticed any drain issues, but is on maintainer over winter anyway)

Anyone considered a cheap apple airtag hidden in the bike (or car).
Not a GPS tracker, but works on it’s own battery, and any iphone around will locate the thing.
Friends put those onto their pricey musical instrument.

I did consider airtag but it seems that if the thief has an iPhone they will know it’s there as they will be alerted. I think this is so that AirTags can’t be used to track someone without their knowledge - otherwise a stalker would be able to slip one into someone’s coat or bag and track them.

Yes (not an Apple user myself) heard on my car forum of this. Apparently their son gets annoying beeps whenever he borrows their car. Poor thing. :joy:
Having said that, it wouldn’t take a tech genius to spot the Datatool tracker fitted to my beemer. :roll_eyes:

Yes you’re right. In another hand the thief seeing the airtag will maybe choose another car/bike.
And Col-C is also right, out of any apple devise for a while, the device emit beeps.
I’m thinking putting one inside the tailgate of the pickup so, the thing can beep as much as it can, I won’t hear it.

That happens too. If a lady find ne of those dropped into the handbag, they should go directly to the police. The Airtag is assigned to a phone number and the owner can easily be found.

Apparently the problem with these trackers is that they drain the battery when the satellite signal is lost, i.e. when it’s in your garage. I asked the dealer if he wanted me to reconnect mine when I traded the GS in, no thanks they kept draining the batteries on all the bikes in the showroom that were fitted with them was the reply. Mine was a joke, kept giving false alarms, normally in the small hours and I got fed up with them ringing me and waking me up only to find my bike was exactly where I’d left it. It used to go off if I happed to knock it in the garage when I was squeezing past the bike in the garage if I didn’t have ghe fob with me too. A couple of minutes later the mobile would ring…Strange thing is I don’t have similar problems with the Monimoto.

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Not had any problems with alarm or tracker - so far. The regular emails “we can’t communicate with your bike” have even stopped since I last sent a terse reply pointing out that it’s not unusual for a bike to be laid up over winter and may be they should review their systems.
However found the following, which may explain issues in some cases…

"The datatool trackers drain the battery if you do not subscribe to the tracking service because the tracker is constantly polling for a handshake with the tracking service server and is not getting one due to the tracking service server not having that tracker number registered.
There are 2 solutions:

  1. subscribe to the tracking service at about £100 a year
  2. get the tracker disconnected"

Also read elsewhere that BMW dealers get Datatool to stop polling a bike that may be in showroom for a while. Doubt they’ll be so obliging for joe public though.

Seeing it’s been another day of horizontal rain I’ve been doing some digging about my BM history but I’ll make that a separate post sometime on another rainy day (tomorrow then :laughing:)

Mine drained the battery even though I had a subscription so that should just read Datatools drain the battery…

I disconnected mine before the subscription ran out and hey presto the Optimate hardly every charged the battery afterwards while plugged in, where as before it was always topping it up while the bike was in the garage and hooked up to it’s life support.

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