Bikers Map

This is a map of all the places recommended by members of the forum. Click on the map to see the full version.

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If you have a place you’d like added, just create a post in Places to Go telling us where it is, why you recommend it, and ideally include a photo of it that you took yourself.


This might help :wink:Welcome to UK Biker Cafes - find a biker friendly place near you

That looks like a good resource. The thing about our map is that all the places are recommended by the lovely people on the forum. :grinning:

Roy’s Ices, Bardsea, A5087 (no website, but a Facebook page) On nice bit of road between Barrow and Ulverston

Lakeland Motor Museum, Backbarrow, A590.

Great museum, good cafe attached


That musieum would make a good lunchtime roundtrip next time @Motopulcino and I are looking for a bti of a day out.

Added to the map.

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My niece works in that cafe! Never had discount though :upside_down_face:

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I meant in the cafe😀
I was aware of that scheme but for the few times we go to the museum we don’t mind supporting them.

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