BMW K1600 Recall

After much shouting at BMW, finally had the recall for my K1600 done yesterday at Chester Motorrad. Weird seeing all of the KTM’s there now as they move to KTM on the 1st July. Had a sit on the Super Adventure. Nice bike but a bit tall for me. Will be back after our ollydays for a test ride,


What was the recall for? I had a test ride of the Super Adventure. Nice bike but it was a wet day so i didn’t really get a good feel for it.

The rear suspension struts. I got the letter mid April, booked in to get it done 11th May (earliest dealer could do). No parts, raised complaint, parts finally got delivered June 18th. My supplying dealer Bowker in Preston has over 20 sets on order, and they still can’t get any.
Chester Motorrad has a bike they want to sell but can’t because they are still waiting.
I told Bowker who got my customer complaint that I wont be buying another BMW again.

Is this another problem with global supply chain or just the dealer being rubbish?

Definitely not the dealers. It is BMW’s crap recall process. Had the same with the gearbox recall in 2019.

Probably global supply problem, I’ve got a couple of tired Neff ovens i was going to replace - “No chance sir, we can’t even get a date”

I didn’t even know Neff ovens had rear suspension struts.

I was taking to a guy just this week and he was saying something similar about B*W and parts amongst other problems with them. He was looking to trade his very big ditch pump for a T120……,

Of course they do. How else do you think they can support the weight of pies that they do.


I’ve heard you have impressively big pies, Andy.