BMW RnineT

Yours doesn’t look like that, @Tigcraft :grin:

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No I’m glad!!

The saddle’s low enough though…

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That looks just horrid. :face_vomiting:

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why “design” bike now doesn’t have a proper tail. Front part is ok.
Same remark applies to the ST1200



Urgh! And the thought that some spent valuable time perfecting that fooking turd :poop:!!

That is a turd rolled in glitter

God, that is awful :face_vomiting:

why ? :grimacing:

Bōsōzoku…. That’s why!!!

Does that translate to “sideways neck” by any chance :joy:

Thought we weren’t allowed to put up offensive materials? :nauseated_face::nauseated_face:

Boiler suit I believe…

Edit - Nope… I had that wrong… “running-out-of-control” like a vehicle careering away is the actual meaning… boiler suits are their clothing

Think it’s ‘part pope mobile’, bike version!

What an earth are those? The way the traditional BMW engine sticks out either side is bad enough without trying to polish the turd lol