Bonhams Auction, Staffs county showground 14-15th Oct

I was watching a youtube video and they were on the Isle of Man at the Tony East museum going over the collection in preparation for the above auction. I was thinking some of those look gorgeous and are at a very reasonable estimate, however I’ve never been to an auction nor have I ever bought a classic so I wonder just how realistic those prices are? The link is here
Bonhams : The Autumn Stafford Sale - The Classic Motorcycle Mechanics Show
And the bike that caught my eye was this
Bonhams : The Anthony R. East Classic Motorcycle Collection, 1956 Triumph 500cc Tiger 100
Is that a realistic price? From what I understand these bikes were owned and restored by Tony East who was the president of the IoM VMCC so I would have thought they were restored to a competent level.
Any insight from those experienced in this would be good.
I should add that only some of the auctioned bikes were owned by Tony East.

The all ally T100 looks to have 256 miles since the restoration and would be at the top end of the estimate these days. I expect it’ll go for more probably upwards of £10k.
I didn’t read the auction details but there may be a buyer’s % on top of the hammer price and there’s absolutely no comeback even if the big end makes a hole in the casing on it’s maiden voyage.
If you can get it for the top price and delivered go for it but there are ones available from dealers that look just as good.

Thanks for that. :+1: I did wonder about the auctioneers take. I’m surprised how reasonable some of these tigers are, I was previously looking at BMW’s R100S and versions or a Suzuki GT250 X7 and their prices, for what they are, stopped any interest I had in them (old bikes I used to own). It’s something to mull over.

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While you’re mulling, keep your eye on this site -

There’s often some nice bikes on there, private and trade, at “reasonable” prices. The definition of ‘reasonable’ is, of course, a moving feast and highly subjective!

Good luck with your search.


Having a good look through what’s on offer at Bonhams. There’s some really nice machines on offer, it’ll be worth going to the show just to have a look around at the lots.
Here’s why the correct gearchange on a motorcycle is on the righthand side (one of the bikes available at the auction):

I know there’s not many chairs around these days :stuck_out_tongue:


I blame the Americans

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I was miles out. :no_mouth:

Screenshot 2023-11-23 173343

Looks like somebody got a good bargain. I guess it’s hard to judge the market, perhaps the ongoing inflation it starting to hit…