Bonkers bills?

Well, after a couple of weeks in Budapest, i’m now in possession of a phone bill of £566 instead of the usual £55 ish.
I checked, double checked and screen-shotted (?) the t&c’s before I left to understand the data rules too.
Argument with provider coming up…
Anyone else had a “lovely” surprise bill they’d like to share?
Tears optional…

Ouch! I switched off mobile data and didn’t make any calls when I was in the US a couple of weeks ago. Giffgaff don’t have a roaming agreement with that country so calls were £1/min and data something like 26p/MB. I’m yet to find out whether the Uber drivers calling me in Vegas incurred any additional charges.

Were you over there for training, so the company will pick up the bill?

It was training BUT this was my private phone (samsung fold 3, great bit of kit)
The company phone is a crapple and I’d had wifi all day (in their HQ) and switched it off when I left at 17:30 everyday.
I did get a warning on the phone saying that i’d used 2gb of data when watching YouTube stuff one evening so probably self-inflicted tbh but i’m still up for an argument with them.
Still an ouch and my first thought? That’s a 12k valve service on the bike ffs!!!

Ouch! Pisses me off that :rage:
I noticed on the ferry to Scotland calls were something like 1.50 per minute and 50p texts

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WTF phone companies are just money grabbing b@stards.


i’d used 2gb of data when watching YouTube stuff one evening

Oh yeah :wink::wink:

You’d think midget porn would be half price…

I was looking for farm tractors… ( that’s what the mp said anyway!)

Not fair is it. I’ll have to be more selective!