Bonny T140E kill switch

I bought this Bonny recently and the kill switch isn’t working. I got round to taking the RH cluster apart and, surprise surprise, it isn’t wired in!

I can’t make head nor tail of how to wire this in from the wiring diagram. I presume one wire to the top, one to the bottom but then to where?

If anyone can make this easier for me I’d be very grateful!


I’m sure @Iron will be along shortly to advise. :slightly_smiling_face:

Blimey, are there any wires in there at all?
Wiring diagrams can be a bit sketchy on rebuilds. Assuming you’ve got a standard loom there should be a White/Yellow and a White wire in there. Connect to the pushkill switch each side (doesn’t matter which way round) and all should be well.
Here’s the wiring diagram, the right hand cluster is at the top.

If, as I suspect, there’s no wiring in there then you’ll need to run some wires.
Lots of rebuilds don’t bother with a kill switch as they almost always cause problems at some point as the Lucas switches aren’t the best to resist corrosion.

If it’s negative earth and you’d like a kill switch rather than use the key on the ignition then run one side of the kill switch to the positive side of a coil (it’s marked on the coil with a “+”) and the other side of the kill switch run to an earth connection.
Let us know how you get on.

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Thanks for your time- it’s got no wires at all….! I suspect it may be easier without - just a safety thing in case of throttle jam - nice to have a switch right by your thumb. I think it is positive earth but will check tomorrow

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