Boredom of working away…

Well, probably not! Just up in Edinburgh, working eves and no day transport. Yesterday did a 16k power walk and points of view was Saltire motor cycle dealer selling Indian, bsa and Royal Enfield. It was quite a nice theme going in the showroom although totally unattended….

So after taking an to walk there I thought ‘now where’s The Triumph shop?’ Well that was two and a half hours to the other side of the city……:man_walking:t2::man_walking:t2::man_walking:t2::man_walking:t2::man_walking:t2:So off I went there too to look.
Quite liked the look of some stuff

and not others. Anyway bought something…


My mate used to run that bit at Saltire. They used to have Victorys in there as well

Nice cake Eric :grinning:

@Wessa tis when you’ve earnt it

Short 10k walk today :face_exhaling:

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So back in eding burg, I’m going to book a test ride on a poxy triumph 400 today to to help me keep the will to live :rofl::rofl::+1:t2::rofl::rofl: